Risks Management

Risk Management department provides services in several areas: Assistance in the implementation and testing of ISOX/SOX404, Fraud risks assessments, Segregaion of duties (SOD), Process improvement and Control transformation, Readiness for Generally Acceptable Government Audit Standards (GAGAS) and complience tests in institutions receiving general grants or grants from the European Union (FP8), Designing and testing internal controls when changing IT systems (including User Acceptance Tests) etc.

The team comprises wide experience in such projects for local and multinational organizations, operationg in various sectors: Real-estate, Communication and media, Technology and Biotech, High eduction institutions, Industrial and Retail.

In addition, the department provides services in the field of internal auditing for many years, mainly in public companies.  The Firm's partners serve as internal auditors in companies in various fields including industry, finance, capital market and investments.  The Firm has the ability to provide internal auditing services at various levels for a wide range of clients.